Make your own Supermoon Checks and Address Labels

Space checkbook coverAll this talk of the upcoming super-moon and eclipse is getting me in a space mood. There’s supposed to be a lunar eclipse on top of it being huge and red. How lucky are we to witness those three things all at once?!

This will be occurring on the night of Sunday September 27th – Monday Sept 28th morning. I think it’s worth missing some sleep for. With that in mind, not only will the crazy drivers be out, but there will also be a lot of tired drivers the next morning.

If you have a good camera for capturing night scenes, this is one you don’t want to miss. I can’t wait to try out my brand new Canon Powershot S120 to capture pictures and film it. I was very impressed with the images my friend captured on theirs of the nighttime Southern Hemisphere while we were Down Under.

Did you know you can customize your own checks and address labels with pictures you take of the moon and stars? But just in case your pictures don’t turn out, check out these cool space checks and space address labels! If your pictures do turn out, check out the cool space checkbook covers you can get to protect your customized checks.

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Click here to make your own custom photo checks

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