Golf Personal Checks



Golf checks feature four shots of the golf ball on the green in various positions for all those golf lovers out there. While the true origins of golf are not known, the game did develop and become popular in Scotland during the 15th century. It became so popular that it was banned by King James II in 1457 because it interfered with archery practice – which was critical in keeping the English from conquering Scotland. Here is some golf trivia: * Peru has the world’s highest golf course, Tactu Golf Club, which at its lowest point sits 14,335 feet above sea level. * The Van Cortlandt Golf Course is the oldest course in the US and opened in 1895 in New York City. The Old Links course in Scotland is the oldest known course in the world and people have golfed there since 1672. * On a standard golf ball there are 336 dimples (which reduce drag on the ball as it flies through the air). Golf Personal Checks are available in single and duplicate check format. Matching address labels and a coordinating checkbook cover are also available.